Skin Tightening

SkinTyte I and II are unique treatments by Sciton, which firm and tighten the skin with little to no downtime. Oxford Medical Aesthetics & Laser offers these treatments exclusively in the Norwood office.


What is SkinTyte™?

SkinTyte delivers infrared light deep into the skin, specifically to the dermis. The heat from the light stimulates collagen and elastin to relax, then remodel, then tighten.  This tightening causes the surface of the skin to tighten, which lessens the appearance of wrinkles and restores the “snap” back to sagging skin.

Are SkinTyte treatments safe?

The Sciton SkinTyte system is FDA-approved and documented to be safer and more comfortable than that of most of the other systems on the market because it is highly selective and more advanced in targeting collagen and elastin fibers in the loose skin tissue.  Patients will experience mild redness in the treatment area immediately after the procedure, which usually subsides in a few hours.  Because the SkinTyte procedure is noninvasive, you can resume your normal activities immediately following the treatment.

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American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery


Dr. Naegele is a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. ASLMS is the world’s preeminent resource for laser research, safety education and clinical knowledge.

What areas of the body can receive a SkinTyte treatment?

The SkinTyte technology can be administered almost anywhere the body is experiencing loss of skin elasticity. We have noticed impressive results on the low face and neck area of our patients, although it is very popular on the arms, hands, abdomen, and legs, too.

Is the treatment painful?

Our patients describe the treatment as warm/hot rather than painful. The SkinTyte handpiece emits quickly pulsed light while gliding, with the help of ultrasound gel,  over the skin.  This is performed repeatedly until the surface of the skin reaches 40 degrees Celcius. Dr. Naegele constantly monitors the temperature of the skin with an infrared thermometer. The temperature is maintained for several minutes while keeping the patient comfortable. The more total energy tolerated, the better the results will be.  The Sciton BBL handpiece has a large cooling sapphire crystal that keeps the skin cool, which helps make the procedure more comfortable. Following the treatment, there will be some lingering dermal heat in the skin, similar to the sensation of a slight sunburn.  Your skin may feel tight and a little irritated, but no significant discomfort will be felt.

Skin Tightening

How does skin tighten?

By introducing a controlled heat source we can target very specific parts of the skin.  The heat (or controlled wound) is designed so that your body’s natural healing cycle begins to create new collagen and other building blocks for tighter skin to heal the wound caused by the heat source.

Dr. Naegele is an absolutely wonderful physician and a great person as well. She’s informative, humorous, intelligent, highly skilled, and wants the best for each patient. I highly recommend her!!

Tyler F.
Dr. Naegele was extremely professional and kind. Dr. Naegele took her time explaining everything and really made me feel at ease. I was a little nervous at first, but after speaking with Dr. Naegele all my nerves subsided. The whole staff was amazing from the time we arrived until we left. I would highly recommend Dr. Naegele and her terrific staff!
Chantelle J.

I cannot say enough nice things about the experience I had here. The staff and customer service is unmatched. The referral program is excellent! Top shelf service all the way! I’d give a 10 star review if I could! Stop in you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Trenton B.

Dr. Naegele is the very best. She and her staff make me feel at ease, answer every little question I have and make the experience enjoyable. I look forward to my visits. I have been getting laser hair removal and it has changed my life and my confidence. Thank you Dr Shelly!

Tricia A.

How many skin tightening treatments will I need before I see results?

If you notice visible tightening immediately, it is likely due to the inflammation caused by the heat from the treatment. True tightening occurs on a collagen level and takes weeks to appreciate. A series of 3 – 5 treatments at 2 – 4-week intervals will deliver the most noticeable results of smoother, tighter skin.

Who cannot receive a SkinTyte treatment?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have an excessive amount of sagging skin, are experiencing any skin infections, have a sunburn, or have any electrical implant (such as a pacemaker), then a SkinTyte procedure is not right for you.

SkinTyte Conclusion

Individuals interested in learning more about this particular procedure, then please give us a call at 513-280-0857 or fill out the form on this page.  Pricing for this service varies based on the treatment area and how many treatments you need to achieve your skincare goals. We will properly assess your skin and your skin concerns at your initial consultation and will develop a personalized plan to best suit your needs.

Skin Tightening Concerns

Will I look like someone else?

Because we are simply stimulating your own body’s collagen repair, the chances of someone receiving a SkinTyte and resembling someone else is very low.  Your body will produce more collagen and it will develop along all of the other regenerative activities happening all the time in your body.   All of our patients look like themselves, only slightly younger because of the increase in new collagen.